Come see the difference that an outstanding pedigree makes with the latest in Miele’s kitchen appliances on display now at Dr. Cool’s showroom.

Miele’s pioneering spirit is the result of four generations of quality without compromise. With precision German engineering, they use only the finest materials coupled with the latest, most advanced manufacturing technology. Guided by their enduring mantra, “Immer Besser,” meaning “Always Better,” they strive to produce products that are the pinnacle of safety, reliablility and ease-of-use.

The long life of Miele appliances is legendary, with some still going strong after 30 years of regular use. This is not by accident; it is by design. As a matter of fact, all Miele appliances must endure a 10,000 hour endurance test which equates to a life span of 20 years in order to proudly carry the family name and ever enter your home. The result of this commitment Miele has earned a global reputation as the quality leader. 

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